Kassiopi Beaches

Kassiopi Beaches

With clean water and surrounded by lush greenery, Kassiopi beaches attract many visitors every summer. Kassiopi has 5 main beaches, along with several other less known, namely Kalamionas, Pipitos, Kanoni, Bataria and Imerolia. All of those Kassiopi beaches are accessible on foot, about 4-10 minutes from Edem Apartments.


Right behind the small port of Kassiopi is the magnificent cove of Bataria, an inviting area with crystal clear waters and shiny pebbles. The crystal beach has rough rocks and vast vegetation creating a relaxing and beautiful spot. The pebbled shore is covered by two rows of sunbeds and on the sides, there is some space for those who want some privacy. Despite its close proximity to the village, Bataria keeps a low profile, away from the noisy crowds that one will find in other Kassiopi Beaches. The beach is very clean while the quiet and friendly environment makes an ideal place for the children.

How to reach Bataria from Edem Apartments: Take the main road to the harbor and turn left. Go up to the hill and in 3-4 minutes walk you will reach the most popular Kassiopi beach, Bataria.

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Kanoni is actually a rocky cove easily accessed within a five minute walking from the main settlement of Kassiopi. It is one of Corfu’s most attractive areas characterized by the crystal clear waters and the fantastic surrounding. The little picturesque beach doesn’t allow many tourist facilities except from a few sunbeds and umbrellas. In case you don’t want to be at the centre of attention, you can also relax at the rocks under the warm sun. The beach seems quite isolated despite its close proximity to the popular resort. The rough landscape is definitely dangerous for the children while it makes an ideal spot for those who want to enjoy total privacy during the high season.

How to reach Kanoni from Edem Apartments: Kanoni is located next to Bataria Beach on the left.

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The beach largely offers sandy shores with rich green and cool blue, crystalline waters. It is well organized with umbrellas and sun beds and the seabed around this beach is popular for diving. For the adventurous travelers there are large rock faces, waiting to be climbed. These magnificent rocks lead into the beautiful, deliciously cool waters of the sea.

How to reach Pipitos from Edem Apartments: Pipitos is located at the back side of Bataria Beach.

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Kalamionas Beach is one more popular and cosmopolitan place among Kassiopi beaches, fully organized, that receives thousands of people each summer. There are water sports, sun beds and umbrellas.
It is medium sized with pebbles and crystal clear waters.

How to reach Kalamionas from Edem Apartments: There are 2 ways to reach Kalamionas from Edem Apartments. Kalamionas is located at the end of the road on your right hand as you leave Kassiopi or from Bataria and Pititos Beaches follow the main road that ends at Kalamionas Beach.

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Near Kassiopi, one of the most popular resorts with convenient facilities and picturesque spots is the pebbled beach of Imerolia which is usually pleasantly quiet and easily accessed from any part of the island. The beach distinguishes for its turquoise waters and unspoiled setting.

How to reach Imerolia from Edem Apartments: Imerolia is just 8-10 minutes walk from Edem Apartments. From the central square follow the way out of Kassiopi and turn right. After a while, you will see the large pebbled beach of Imerolia.

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